Praying Together

Drug and Alcohol Assistance

We know that addiction can happen to anyone.
Endless Horizons is about recovery and hope. Saving the lives of people caught in the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction is a big part of our mission.
Over the last 20 years, we have met, mentored and provided support to those experiencing the pain of substance misuse and dependence. Helping young people come out of the chaotic cycle of addiction and giving guidance and support to their families is something close to our hearts. Having both experienced the turmoil of dependence in the past, we feel strong empathy and want to foster positive change for these people by providing pathways for sustainable recovery.
We offer a range of services to support families and loved ones, including family counselling services. We recognise that connectedness is important to maintain recovery from addiction and we have built up a strong community of lifelong friends who have gone on to live healthy and fulfilling lives.
We are affiliated with many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres throughout Australia and can arrange referral and admission, and ongoing transition and support to individuals seeking to overcome addiction.


Call: 0435 931 691

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